This is Meenal, my pronouns are She/Her. I’m a 19 year old sophomore at Cluster Innovation Centre, University of Delhi. My major is Information Technology & Mathematical Innovation. I’m interested in Natural Language Processing, Probability and Statistics, Graph Theory, Ethics in AI and a bunch of things I’m trying to explore as an Undergrad. A few things about me- I’m enthusiastic about open source projects? I think fairness/Ethics are an important part of AI that we should all take a look at. Also, I really like words, I write a bit of poetry on this website, I would love it if you checked that out!! I’m also open to new projects or collaborations. If you just want to chat about poetry, books, ethics in AI, statistics or rant about systemic oppression,

drop me a mail at: meenaljhajharia[at]outlook[dot]com

Recent Experience / Projects


Summer 2020Kolkata, India

Worked with Prof. Ujjwal Maulik on Non Linear Dimensionality Reduction- Algorithms based on canonical feature extraction techniques such as PCA and LDA applied through Graph Embedding. Presented a short presentation and report on the same to Prof. Sanghamitra Bandyopadhya (Director, ISI Kolkata)


Natural Language ProcessingJanuary – March, 2021

Formed an unsupervised, graph-based algorithm for Keyphrase Extraction that exploits syntactic relations using dependency parsing, augmented with local text attributes. We reconstruct dependency trees in a Hyperbolic space to locate key information in a document, and then rank candidates on statistical features. To our knowledge, this is the first work that uses hyperbolic geometry for keyphrase extraction.


Semester long projectSeptember – November, 2020

A Dashboard created with MySQL and Python backend to collect Metadata of Research Papers, allowing user to effectively search, edit and organize. Topic modeling was implemented using LDA to group papers. The tool took input as title or PDF and automatically retrieved Metadata by scraping through Google Scholar and CrossRef.


Mathematical ModelingMarch, 2020

Modeling the movement of Pelagic fish stocks in North East Atlantic ocean for the next fifty years: Fisheries face the need to relocate themselves over time due to global warming, as fishes move away to colder temperatures. This model predicted their movement by analysing the rise in global and local temperatures as an effect of global warming and suggested relocation for small fisheries accordingly.


Semester long projectFebruary – March , 2020

Interpreting a Sudoku as an NP Graph coloring problem, working through the Chromatic Polynomial and general Combinatorics to analyse the number of Sudoku puzzles and solutions that can be generated with varying number of clues.